Sunday, 09 August 2009 07:32

Dream Build Play is done!

Written by  Kenneth

Hey everybody!  All of us at SLS have been really busy lately finishing up the Dream Build Play build of What The?!  Well, it's finally done and out the door!  Here are some of the new features that we added:

  • Full Xbox 360 Avatar Support- you can finally see your avatar playing the game!
  • Much more dialogue between Gary and Johnny
  • More cheesy lounge music on the Menu Screens
  • All new Buzz-in game type!

Unfortunately, we couldn't add everything to the game within the time limit.  The biggest cut that we had to make was Xbox Live Support.  So no online multiplayer just yet for What The?!, but we are planning on adding it to a sequel in the future.  So keep your eyes open!

In the mean time, all of us have started pre-production on several different game ideas to see which one we like the best.  We can't announce anything just yet, but check in every once and a while for more fabulous updates.