The Social Loner story:

One day, there were two dudes.  They both got tired of their previous jobs and decided to start their own business in California.  So they set up shop and started making stuff.  First it was robots, then coding, then they decided “Hey, we like video games, right?  Let’s make some of those!”

But one crucial element was missing.  One man was a master of code, the other a master of sound.  But they lacked a master of art.  After a semi long search (They played Star Craft 2 a lot in between searches) they finally found an artist.  The original two told the new guy to join their club.

The artist lived on the east coast at the time, so they bribed him to move to California.  They could do this because the artist was looking for work, and also because he was the code master’s brother. They set up shop in Sacramento and immediately proclaimed: “We’re going to make games we like to play!”

About the Company:

So you want to know about Social Loner Studios?  Well, there is a lot to say.  But to keep it simple, we’re three guys that like to make video games just as much as we like to play them.

But what is a Social Loner?  And why chose that for our name?  Easy!  Social Loners are people who like to hang out with other people! ...just not all the time.  We like to keep to ourselves while sipping bourbon in our top hats and monocles.  As for our name: why not?  Might as well be honest.  And it seemed funny at the time.

Social Loner Studios is an independent game developer focused on creating games that we believe are fun for social people who are loners just like us.  We are a US based company headquartered in Sacramento, California.

About the Team:

BrianBrian is the oldest and original loner of the SLS team.  Thinking school is for suckers, he’s been tooling away and programming on his own or with friends for nearly 20 years.  After working on the telephony industry with mega corporations, he said ‘to hell with the man’ and started the company with Joshua.

Some of Brian’s favorite games include:
Star Craft
Masters of Orion - Not version 3.  That one sucked.
Whatever else he can bum off of Kenneth

JoshJoshua is the guy that makes all the noise at SLS.  Prior to forming Social Loner Studios with Brian, he worked in the banking industry making those annoying automated telephone systems.  Since starting the company, he’s been busting out the rocking jams and tasty riffs.

Josh’s favorite games include:
Hexic HD - Not the crappy SD one
Project Gotham
Sega Rally
Dungeon Keeper

KennethKenneth worked in the game industry for several years before joining the Social Loner team.  Making art since a kid, he’s grown into a production powerhouse that exudes charm and a hobo like sophistication.  Now a grizzled old man of nearly 30, he crunches through polygons and pixels like they are candy and turns them into works of art.

The games that Kenneth plays usually gear towards Action Adventure, FPSs, and RPGs.  Some of his favorite games have been:

Chrono Trigger
The Legend of Zelda Series
Diablo II
Mass Effect

For personal tastes, he likes long moonlit walks on the beach and hard liquor.