My Own Little War

In a time when free trade is king, and the shipping alliances are falling to pieces.  The timing is ripe to start your own independent business.  But in order to do that, you have to start a war...

My own little war is a new game concept we are currently developing.  We plan on taking the gamer through an introduction to the MOLW universe with the first game titled MOLW: Arena.

In Arena* we will introduce you to the MOLW universe by providing you with a glimpse of our version of space warfare where the gamer is the captain of a single spaceship battling it out for control of a star system in a single or multi-player game.  

The next installment will be titled Beginnings*.  Beginnings, will further develop the MOLW story where you start off as the new CEO of Titan Ship Industries who oversees the manufacturing and delivering of goods between the stars.

The third installment will be titled Universe* .  This will be the next incarnation of My own little war, and will take the story further where gamers are pitted against each other and of course Titan Ship Industries in a classic twist on corporate warfare combining resource management, real time strategy, and much more.

* The game titles for MOLW might change (most likely will change) since someone always comes up with a better name.