Wednesday, 26 October 2011 00:06

A new challenger appears!

Behold!  The newest threat to America!

Seals with guns taped to their heads!

Oh and we have a YouTube video of our kickstarter campaign uploaded.  Check it out yo!

Our Kickstarter funding has officially started!  We want to port Bird Assassin over to the iOS so that everyone can enjoy our most successful game-to-date!  Take a look on kickstarter by clicking on this link here:


If you hate birds and love indie games, give us your support!  Thanks everybody!

Thursday, 06 October 2011 00:03

Bird Assassin iOS project Update

Update on our kickstarter project... Thursday, October 13th, has been picked as our official project launch date, and Sunday, Nov 13th @ 1:20 am PST the project will end.  Hopefully this gives us plenty of time to get this project funded.

Now for the cool stuff.

Rewards have been figured out:

  • Everyone who pledges will get their name in the credits of the iOS version of Bird Assassin.
  • Bird Assassin avatar pictures that you can use for your Kickstarter profile

  • High quality mp3s of the game soundtrack
  • a copy of Bird Assassin for the PC before you can buy it
  • custom "ring tones" of
    • the exploding chicken clucking and exploding
    • the Turkey Attacking sound
    • the Hunter saying "Ow, my testicles!"
  • The iOS version of Bird Assassin
  • Hi-res Wallpapers for your desktop or iphone background
  • Signed posters
  • T-shirts

So all that's left is to work out the details of what will go into each pledge level.